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Wine humidor

Appropriate natural conditions are a prerequisite for the production of top-quality wine. The human factor is immensely important. But not even a genius can make great wine in places where nature does not allow it. The composition of the soil, exposure to the sun, the direction and strength of the wind, moisture in the form of rain and mist along with dozens of other small climatic effects determine the basic characteristics of the future product.

A large team of experts tend to the quality of the vines throughout the year. Among other things, the vine must be pruned at the start of the summer. Only a few grapes are left on each plant. The vine then imbues these with all its energy and concentration. It produces substantially less wine, but it is of a much higher quality. This is one of the important moments in the process, which is decisive in determining the price of the beverage.

The same applies to the high proportion of expensive manual labour in comparison with ordinary (mechanised) winemaking. With “great wines” it is a given that the vines are harvested by hand.

In compiling our wine list, the gourmet and co-owner Zdeněk Šulc along with the restaurant manager Rostislav Bušek approached the selection of wines with a view to ensuring a variety of price ranges, but also placing great emphasis on quality. The beverages our humidor offers will satisfy every guest, regardless of whether they have come to us for dinner with a excellent vintage or if they feel like a good glass of simple wine with a quick lunch.

Prosecco’s wine humidor is divided into two sections. In the section on the left you can choose from a selection of sparkling and still white wines.

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